Have you been given the task to organise a party for work and you’re struggling to come up with the perfect corporate entertainment party idea? Bless you! It can be stressful, because you know EVERYONE is going to judge you on the outcome, harsh but true.

5 steps to enhance your Corporate Party. 

  • Step one might seem like a no brainer, but start big with the “must have’s” and work around this. For example, if you want to specific date or venue, then nail that down and have everything else fall in around it, likewise if you want a certain entertainer or band, then check in with the them first and see their availability.


  • So let’s say you have the date and the venue down, what next? You need to know what is required on the night. So if the CEO want’s to make a speech along with anyone else, then this needs to be incorporated into the evening. (Top tip, for a corporate or Christmas parties, keep speeches short and to a minimum, and always before the meal, trying to get guests attention after a meal and a few drinks is much more difficult)


  • Arrivals reception. This is a very important step to setting the tone for the night. As guests or colleagues arrive, you might want to get them relaxed and forget about work right away. To avoid “shop talk”, have a drinks table with ready poured drinks ( wine/prosecco/juice/tea and coffee). This will create an assembly point for guests to go and avoid that awkward ” where do I go once I enter the room” feeling.  Use music to break the silence, this can be live or even just over the speakers.


  • Be punctual, Be there to meet and greet your guests, this is your duty as the party organiser.


  • And the finishing touches set your event MILES ABOVE ALL THE OTHERS- 

The best corporate entertainment idea….. An interactive performer!

An interactive performer is a great way to break the ice. My close up magic can act as a welcome ice-breaker! My mix’n mingle style is very discrete, performing close up magic and mind reading for up to 10 minutes per group. The effect of which can change the setting from business to social, making your office party a huge success.

Gerard Kearney captivating an audience with his unique style of close up magic

Gerard Kearney captivating an audience with his unique style of close up magic

For more info about my close up magic and corporate entertainment ideas, click here Thanks for stopping by and I hope this blog has helped you out a little!

Regards Gerard Kearney the magician!

P.S. I’m not the only one to think magic is a great idea at corporate events, this article on eventbrite put magicians at 6th position out of 15!

And there are not just saying it, they hired me to be launch party for their brand new state of the art office in Cork City!