Yesterday I got a call from Fergal, a researcher from Corks 96fm radio station. There has been a spike in pick pocketing in the Cork city area and wanted to know about techniques pick pockets use and how misdirection would aid such a thief.  Listen to the interview here, it kicks in at 3;20.


In a nut shell here are my top tips. 

1. Know where you are going to be most vulnerable, i.e. packed trains or crowded pubs/nite clubs, etc.

2. Don’t leave belongings exposed, i.e. oped handbags or phones sticking out of pockets.

3. When traveling use a money belt.

4. Cash is king, and thieves love cash, so limit the amount you carry. Cards can be replaced, cash cannot.

5. Never leave goods unattended or out of sight, this seems silly but you would be surprised how many pick pockets target dressing rooms in clothing shops where bags are unattended for seconds, even minutes and thats all it takes.

Click on the link below to hear my interview with 96FM’s PJ Coogan.

To leave you on a lighter note here is a great TED talk by the great pick pocket entertainer Apollo Robbins on misdirection.