On Friday 01st April I travelled to the capital city Dublin as I was asked to record some sleight of hand for an RTE program being aired in May for a new TV program called The Consumer Show, hosted by Corks own Eddie Hobbs. So with 24 hours notice I travelled not knowing what to expect. It turns out I have to do some coin magic….for Kids..!! Now for those of you who know me or my magic wont be surprised to hear Kids magic is NOT MY THING. Wait for it, thats not the major concern,.. here is the catch..I HAVE TO MANIPULATE CHOCOLATE COINS!!!!!Yikes. So with little notice and only 1 hour 30 min to record some material along with about 20 kids..It was a challenge to say the least.

When I arrived they asked me to also play the character of an old fashions bank manager, and had a costume waiting for me. Too late to turn back now, I have driven all this way so I just gotta make the best of this. Now it must be said the kids were absolute bliss, very well behaved and really up for watching magic while being educated about the banking system.

Lights, camera, ACTION.- Between the kids eating some of the coins and the lights melting the rest of the coins I was very limited to what I could do, so we wait and hope they edited the magic to its best potential and hope I come out of this with my head held high.

Ill let you guys know when its being aired.