Dai Vernon, The greatest undiscovered artist of the 20th Century. 

Who is the greatest magician ever?

This is a question I get asked, a lot! The truth is, this is a very difficult question. I personally have many favourites.  I love reading and watching legendary magicians from the past like Dai Vernon, Edward Marlo, and Cardini, just to name a few.  Nowadays, there are lots of great performers out there that I like, all for different reasons.

But then this guy blew me away!-

Two years ago I got to watch a live show at the world’s largest magic convention that  just blew me away. Not the magic, but the performance, the character,  the structure, the dark humour, and of course the originality and since then has been one of my firm favourite performers. Californian born Rob Zebrecky first started performing not with magic, but with music and was the front man for  a very successful punk band “Possum Dixon” and later found his success as an actor and weird magician. Since then Rob has continued success as an international weird magician. Rob recently appeared on ITV’s  The next great magician and has become a finalist. By the way, there are two magic show’s you must watch, this one being the first and the second being Penn and Teller fool us.  These are great show’s mainly because they are real stage performance that gives the correct stage time unlike other stage TV show’s like Britain’s got talent  or the X Factor which gives you 2 minutes! which is ridiculous because most stage magicians have spent many years to develop a 10-minute routine only to be asked to shorten down to 2 minutes which makes the magic/magician look bad and out of context.

So please enjoy this video of Rob Zebrecky which isn’t as good as his stage show but there are lots on youtube that you can look up. Enjoy the weird and wonder magic.

What can magic do for you? 

Well if you are having a party in Ireland and want to add something different. Then why not check out my main site here. I am an Irish magician based in Cork and would love to hear about your event and maybe add some value!

Gerard Kearney the magician