As a member of the ‘International brother hood of magicians’ (the worlds largest magic fraternity), its a bit annoying that every convention happens so far away from Cork. The last convention I attended was in Dublin and I could only go for one day due to my commitments to other gigs. I may as well take this opportunity to say a very well done to the SIM magic comity for a job well done,Dublin magicians Brendan Byrne, Pat Fallon, and the rest of the guys really set the bench mark for great irish conventions, anyone who is anyone in the magic world was there, from Keith Barry to David Williamson( who, it must be said stole the show).

Is that a light bulb you see over my head, I think so. I have taken it upon myself along with two other magicians, John Casey from Cork, and Ger Godly from Kerry to host Corks very first magic convention which will take place in April 2012. We will be bringing world class magicians, and I mean world class. The magicians will be leaders in their field and people we (magicians) would look up to for all different reasons, names cannot be mentioned as of yet, due to the fact that we are waiting for a launch party, we magicians love our magic parties so any excuse.

I shall keep you all in the loop as soon as I have more news.